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All three tiers provide lifetime access to the self- paced course videos. Below are further explanations on the additional features.
As soon as you enroll, I’ll reach out to you.

Please don’t hesitate to email me directly at if you have any questions.

Answers to Frequent

  • Will there be any certificate at the end of this?

    Yes, after course completion you’ll receive a certificate like this: Certificate

    Students have gone on to work for companies like JP Morgan, Bloomberg & Proctor and Gamble.


  • Can an individual investor perform as good or better that an industry professional?

    Yes but it requires some key attributes including patience and adherence to long term thinking. Many industry professionals have constraints on them that can get in the way of great returns.

    The best article out there on this topic is this one online: How private investors can beat the pros – The undercover fund manager

    In short the advantages an individual has are the following: 1) Size 2) Less liquidity constrained 3) Agility 4) Time Arbitrage (most important behavioural advantage)

  • What topics will be covered in the 1:1 Zoom calls?

    Before the 1:1 Zoom call we’ll confirm with you area you’d like to discuss. Some topic suggestions are:

    • Behavioural edges
    • Investing in other markets
    • How to think about economic crises
    • Interesting business models
    • Miscellaneous topics you’re interested in
    • Interviews

    We are also happy to discuss any areas of our video content you’d like further help with.

  • How is the course structured so that I get the most out of the features?

    A recommended outline of how we’ll help you make the most is as follows:

    1. After purchasing you’ll gain access to the videos and Kapil will reach out to you via email.
    2. If Premium or Ultra buyer, start watching the videos and make note of anything you want further help on.
    3. If Premium or Ultra buyer, schedule a time with Kapil over Zoom.
    4. During the Zoom calls we can cover specific topics or clarify any topics in the videos.
  • By learning from Apollo Academy will I be able to get a job in the investing field?

    Getting a job in investing depends on a lot of factors but equipped with the knowledge we teach you, your chances increase because we cover a wide range of topics from accountancy to valuation.

    However, because we are focused on long term investing the best way you can get a job after taking our course is to apply to long term equity orientated investment firms. We can discuss certain company names with you. If you start to invest yourself and generate returns then your chances of employment in the field increase further as you combine what you’ve learned with practice.

  • I want to expose my child to learning about investing in public companies? Is this course suitable?

    Absolutely. We feel it’s a neglected part of education yet highly important. A parent shouldn’t be worried that the field of investing is too complex – in fact we think that other specific high school subjects contain more difficult concepts compared to investing (e.g. Physics and Chemistry).

    Many great investors started learning at very early ages – some as young as 13. What’s crucial is controlling behaviour and honing one’s temperament. We discuss this in depth during the course.

  • Is the credential important ?

    Investing isn’t about credentials and passing tests

    The credential is available once you finish the entire course. Nevertheless we feel even if you take core concepts from a few modules and don’t achieve the credential, you’ll still be able to shift your investing approach for the better

  • Why Do People Choose Apollo ?

    4 reasons why people choose Apollo

    • A Focus on Quality Stocks
      Our content is designed specifically to equip you with all the key concepts of quality investing.
    • Accessibility
      Clear and concise video content. Little to no prior knowledge required.
    • Track Record
      We showcase our returns on a rolling basis.
    • Long term returns with reduced risk
      We help you identify winners for the long run whilst not being stressed out about your holdings on a day to day basis

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